1. December 2007
NEW! BlueTools 1.21 released!

Bluetooth made easy!.
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BlueTools is no longer maintained and it is not recommended for new projects

BlueTools is an SDK for fast and easy development of Bluetooth enabled .NET applications.

- Connect to Bluetooth devices
- Create Bluetooth services
- Both Microsoft and Widcomm stack supported.
- Scan network for devices and services
- Easy handling of disappearing and reappearing devices
- Synchronous and asynchronous programming style
- OBEX file transfer (in BlueTools 1.10)
- SMS send, and receive (in BlueTools 1.10)
- .NET 1.0, 1.1 and 2.0 components.
- Windows, Pocket PC and Windows CE

Screen shots from two of the samples included in the SDK:
Note that BlueTools is a toolkit for .NET developers and not an end user application.

Using BlueTools you can upload and download files using OBEX. Above is a screen shot from one of the samples included in the SDK. You also got OBEX samples for Pocket PC.

And you can send, receive and manage SMS on a mobile phone. Below is a screen shot from one of the samples included in the SDK. You also got a SMS sample for Pocket PC.

Do you need a custom solution? Franson Solution Partners can provide custom solutions based on BlueTools.

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