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Create maps


Getting started with C#.NET and GpsTools .NET (for ASP.NET)

The best and easiest way to get started is to take a look at the examples.
The samples files can be found in the
.NET Framework\Samples\C#.NET

Sample 1 - SimpleMapASP
Is a web application that demonstrates some features of GpsTools abilities in Web environment. It shows how a map interacts with mouse click and adjusts itself according mouse positions. Drawing, deleting and getting information about Icons, Ellipses and other shapes on the map. Zoom and rotation of a map. Viewing certain part of a map that corresponds to a fetched position from a GPS receiver. And more...
Create your own MapLibs using
GpsTools Studio.

Sample 2 - StaticMapASP
Is a web application that demonstrates how to view a simple static map on a web page using a GpsTools.
Create your own MapLibs using GpsTools Studio.

A License key is necessary to use GpsTools. During development the key found
here can be used. To distribute the component as part of your application you need to purchase a license. The License.LicenseKey property must be set to a valid license key by your application or else the component will refuse to work properly.

Steps to setup project

1. Make sure you have both Visual Studio 2003 .NET and IIS installed.
2. Download and install GpsTools SDK 2.2

Start Visual Studio 2003 .NET and create a new web application by choosing File->New->Project.The following dialog will then appear. Type an aplication name (WebApplication1 in this example) and press OK.

create project


Import all files resides in the .NET Framework\Samples\C#.NET directory into your web application by right-clicking on the project name Add->Add Existing Item as shown in the picture below. From "Add Existing Item dialog box" Select all files(*.*) from files of type drop down list.

Choose apply to all Items and press Yes

  Apply all items

If the following dialog appears, press Yes to All.

replace webform1


Add reference to modules GpsViewNET.dll, GpsTools.dll and System.Windows.Forms.dll . The first two modules are located at ..\GpsTools\Net2002\Distribution\Web. Right-click on Reference and select Add Reference as shown in the picture below.

Add dll(s)


Run the application .

A few things about the GPS. Remember that a GPS works poorly indoors. Sometimes it is possible to get a fix near a window, but usually not. The GPS must be configured to transmitt NMEA data.


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